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Item code: ST344


Danish Vintage Vanity unit/bureau

Inside top drawer - lovely brass hinges and small charming compartments. 2 drawers underneath.

Fully restored

H. 79cm  W.90cm  D.41/46cm


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Item code: ST339


Danish Vintage Vanity unit with 3 generous drawers - teak

Lovely details - fully restored.

H.78cm W.90cm  D.46cm



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Item code: ST340


Danish Vintage small bureau - pull out leaf and 3 drawers.

Fully restored

H.101cm   L.82cm   D.46cm

H.Tabletop: 73cm.



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Item code: ST341


Danish Vintage Chest of 6 drawers - teak

Beautiful handles - very nice condition - lovely grain.

Fully restored

H.114  W.75cm  D.43cm



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Item code: ST342


Danish vintage chest of 6 drawers - medium size with lovely handles.


W. 65cm

D. 40cm



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Item code: ST337

Danish Vintage chest of drawers / Tall boy with

7 generous drawers.

Made by Omann Jun (stamped) Model 126 and has the original key as well.

Super quality - teak on solid oak frame.

Lovely details - now fully restored.


W. 80cm

D. 45cm




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Item code: ST338


Danish Vintage small Brazilian Rosewood cabinets with sliding doors.

We think they are perfect as bedside tables but were probably originally meant for the hallway with a large mirror above.

Because we have a pair they will be sold as a glorious pair of bedside tables.

A light makeover is included in the price.

H.53cm W. 83cm  D. 33cm




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Item code: ST336


Danish Vintage Sideboard Compact size

Teak on oak frame. Lovely retoration work.

Design by Poul Hundevad.

Fabulous quality, old grain, original key included.

Inside: shelves to one side and slim drawers to the other side.

L.138cm   H.74cm   D.43cm


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Item code: ST334


Danish Vintage teak chest of 6 drawers

Just restored and looking very lovely.

H. 112cm

D. 41cm

W. 67cm


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Item code: ST333


Clausen & Son

Danish Vintage sideboard - teak.

Design from 1960s

H. 86cm   L. 209cm   D. 49cm

Fully restored



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Item code: ST330


Danish Vintage teak sideboard

Made by Sibast Furniture - designed by Arne Vodder

Tambour doors in front of shelves and a couple of drawers.

Lovely elegant piece of furniture.

Can be viewed in Frenchs Forest.

Now fully restored and looking absolutely wonderful.

L. 190cm    H. 79cm   D. 47cm 



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Item code: ST327


Danish Vintage Chest of drawers

Brazilian Rosewood - 4 drawers, fabulous grain.

W.80cm  H.77cm  D.43cm


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Item code: ST313


Danish Vintage Cabinet - 2 doors in front of shelf

Just back from restoration - looking amazing!!

Brazilian Rosewood

H.58cm   L.100cm   D.47cm

We have a pair available.

$1250 each


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Item code: ST320


Danish Vintage Cabinet/sideboard - Brazilian Rosewood.

2 doors opening outward below 2 drawers. Made by Brauer furniture.

We have a pair available

L.100cm   H.70cm   D.50cm

$1600 each

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Item code: ST317


Danish Vintage Sideboard

Stunning teak with beautiful base, lovely handles and corner details. Four sliding door in front of Shelves and bar section with built-in light. Great condition and now fully restored.

H.115cm L.220cm W.44cm


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Item code: ST298


Danish Vintage Teak Sideboard

5 drawers to the right and shelves behind an outward opening door. Great condition. Could be fitted with legs instead of plinth.

H.70cm  L.135cm  D.47cm



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Item code: ST289


Danish Vintage low sideboard - Brazilian Rosewood.

L.242cm D.42cm H.72cm.

4 Sliding doors infront of shelves and 4 generous drawers.

Great piece of furniture - Now Fully Restored


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Item code: ST275


Danish Vintage teak sideboard

One sliding door in front of shelf - 4 drawers on the right side.

Chrome legs with teak shoes. Fully restored.

L.144cm H.72cm D.43cm


off site

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Item code: ST272



Danish Vintage sideboard - Brazilian Rosewood

Brushed chrome legs with teak feet. Lovely elegant handles on the 4 sliding doors in front of shelves.

Beautiful grain.


L.200cm D.46cm H.86cm


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Item code: ST268


Børge Mogensen design - Oak bookshelves on top of two door cabinet. Inside plenty of pull out drawers.

Comes from C.M. Madsens furniture factory (stamped).

Dimensions: H.206cm W.122cm D.44.5cm

Beautiful strong grain




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Item code: ST262



Danish Vintage teak bookshelf w/drawers. Chrome legs.

L.120cm H.80cm D.30cm


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Item code: ST245


Danish Vintage - small Rosewood chest with 2 drawers

Bedside or hallway.

H. 63cm W.58cm D. 33cm


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Item code: ST198