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Dining room


Danish Vintage Rosewood Dining Table

Made by Heltborg Denmark

105 x 105cm sq

2 x extensions @ 60cm = Max L.225cm


Fully Restored.




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Item code: DR348


Danish Vintage Oak dining table

Diam.120cm + 2 ext. leaves @50cm each

Max L. 220cm


Fully Restored



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Item code: T235


Børge Mogensen single dining chair  Model J39 Beech frame

Design year 1947

NEW Papercord seat.

We have a set of seven J39 in beech with papercord. Please enquire for more details.




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Item code: DR349


Danish Vintage dining chair with wooden seat

Made by Bramin Denmark. Fully restored

Sturdy yet light, charming and comfortable


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Item code: DR350


Danish Vintage Dining Chair

Oak frame.

Set of 6 available




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Item code: DR351

Danish Vintage Dining chairs - Designed by Erik Buck Model OD49

Made by Oddense Furniture Manufacturer.

Teak Frame, floating seat, new wool upholstery.

Beautiful chair with A+ comfort.

H.80cm   D.49cm  W.49cm  Seat H.44cm




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Item code: DR352


Børge Mogensen single dining chair  Model J39 Beech frame

Design year 1947

Papercord seat.

We have a set of seven J39 in beech with papercord. Please enquire for more details.





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Item code: DR345


Børge Mogensen single oak chair

H.77cm  W.49cm  Seat H. 45cm


$495 - one only



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Item code: DR344


Danish Vintage dining chairs

Designed by Henning Kjærnulf.

Teak backs and stained beech frame.

Frame has been restored. Gorgeous little number - perfect for home office.

$550 - one only


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Item code: DR342

Danish Vintage Pair of Farstrup dining chairs in beech. Original Wool upholstery.

$375 per chair


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Item code: DR343


N O Møller dining chair Model 78 - Made by JL Møllers Møbelfabrik Denmark in the early 1960s. This single teak chair has been fully restored including new Danish paper cord seats.

A most stunning piece of furniture.

$1450 - one only


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Item code: DR340

Danish Vintage dining chairs - Brazilian Rosewood.

Design by Vestervig Eriksen. Made by Tromborg

Charming details - light and comfortable.

Frames are fully restored and seats are new black leather upholstery. Absolutely beautiful

Not often on offer.

Set of 6 available




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Item code: DR339


Danish Vintage dining teak chair - Kai #42 Chair

Model 42 designed by Kai Kristiansen also known as the Elbow Chair. Classic design seen here newly upholstered in high quality tan leather.

Single chair. Piece of art.

$1400 - one only


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Item code: DR337

Danish Vintage dining chair - designed by N O Møller - Model No.71

New Danish Paper cord seat. Teak frame.

Beautiful chair - simple organic design - a real classic.


$1200 - one only


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Item code: DR335

Danish Vintage Dining chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner. Wegner designed this chair in 1952

Made by Carl Hansen & Son this perfect set of 6 chairs has wool seats in great condition. The frames are oak.

Model No. CH29 is also called The Sawbuck chair. It is an exceptional comfortable chair with a striking profile.

Everything is in beautiful condition.

$9500 for the set of 6

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Item code: DR332

Danish Vintage Dining chairs - Sawbuck

Designed by Hans J Wegner

Made by Carl Hansen and Son Denmark. Teak frame.

Model No.CH29

We have 8 available - 4 with beige wool upholstery and 4 with a yellow fabric. All frames are matching in colour.

This chair was designed in 1952 by Wegner and it offers wonderful seating comfort.

$10.800    for set of 8

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Item code: DR330

Danish Vintage Extension Dining Table - Oak

H.73cm  L.130/240cm   W.85cm

Fully restored.




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Item code: DR331

Danish Vintage teak dining table

Table with pull out extension leaves.

Prise includes redstoration -pictures shows unrestored

H.72cm   W.90cm    L. 140/240cm

Table: $2900


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Item code: DR328

Danish Vintage arm chair

Teak frame, old grain top quality

Beautiful design - have not seen this one before, but absolutely love it.

Designer unknown.

New upholstery in beautiful black quality leather - stunning!

Take a look over at the profile and other details.



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Item code: DR326

Danish Vintage 1950s Teak Extension Table

Beautiful condition - fully restored.

Lovely tapered legs in slight oblique position.

Very nice example of a midcentury Danish teak extension table.

L. 140/248cm  H.74cm  W.90cm



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Item code: DR320

Single Danish Vintage arm chair - Nice proportions.

Teak frame, sexy little number.




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Item code: DR316

Danish Vintage Dining Chairs

We are very lucky to have around 90 of these chairs.

Seen here in lacquered condition in many fun colours.

The original version is just below DR295

Pick your own colour for the same price.

Like all Danish dining chairs these these have great seating comfort.

Would be great for Cafes as well.Made by Bramin Denmark


$375 each


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Item code: DR313


Danish Vintage dining chair, produced by Bramin for the education system in Denmark. it is a very well designed chair, made to support for many hours of sitting. The back has a perfect tilt to give great back support. charming and has a wooden seat which is quite rare.

If you are looking for an original vintage little chair with attitude at a reasonable cost, this might be for you.

We are well stocked of this model

Set of 4, 6, 8, 10 or more:

$225 each

You can now also get this chair in restored condition - See item DR350. Gorgeous!


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Item code: DR295

Erik Buch Rosewood dining chair - cream coloured fabric in nice condition. Classic Danish Vintage dining chair, sturdy and comfortable.

Set of 6 available



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Item code: DR296

Danish Vintage Brazilian Rosewood Dining table made by J.L Møller Furniture Manufacturer Denmark.

Stamped. Model No: 12

This is a 'serious' table, amazing legs holds a large top with pull-out extension leaves.

Made in the 1960es.

Fully restored.

L.150/266cm  W.100cm  H.74cm



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Item code: DR302

Danish Vintage School Chairs

Teak veneer on painted metal frame

We have 68 chairs in this model.

Sturdy and made to last

Priced to sell!!

$75 per chair as is.

Now only 20 chairs available with wear and tear

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Item code: DR288


Danish Dining Extension Table - solid beech - Rectangular on shaker frame.

Fabulous quality

L. 170/270cm

W. 105cm

H.  73cm




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Item code: DR273

Danish Vintage teak round dining table

120cm in diameter + 1 extension leaf of 50cm

Max length= 170cm   H.74cm

Restored and in excellent condition.



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Item code: DR272

Danish Vintage teak extension dining table - 1950es

Charming slightly curved top and with brass details

H.74cm    L.143/253cm   W.92/86cm

The table top is slightly curved so the middle part measures 92cm tapering to 86cm at the ends



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Item code: DR271

Danish Vintage Extension Dining Table - Teak. 1950es.

This is an unusual table as the extension leaves are pulled out from the sides forming a 140cm round table.

Fully restored with lovely grain





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Item code: DR269

Danish Vintage School Chairs/Cafe chairs

12 available. Very sturdy!


$175 per chair  


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Item code: DR262

Danish Vintage Brazilian Rosewood dining chair.

Design by Johannes Andersen

Cream wool in exceptional condition.

This is a very elegant high back chair - all perfect.

$3900 for set of 6.


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Item code: DR253

Verner Panton dinign setting

System 1-2-3  designed in 1973 for Fritz Hansen Denmark

Laminate table is 70cm high and 120cm diameter

All chairs in original brown fabric.

Let your imagination go wild here and the potential is massive.




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Item code: DR246



Danish Vintage dining chair. Teak back and oak frame.

The backs have a lovely curve. We have a set of 6 currenly being restored. Seats have wool upholstery.


set of 6.



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Item code: DR219

Danish - Large Conference/dining table

180cm in Diameter, 73cm high.

This table is from the King Series designed by Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sørensen. The table is made up of 2 part divided in the middle. Made from mahogany.

This is an amazing table but it needs a rather large room.





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Item code: DR215

Lovely Danish vintage dining chair

Shown here with vinyl seat, which was the most common look in the 1960es in Denmark for these little chairs.

Made by Findahl this is a very popular chair that is now in production again.

We now only have 3 available -

Newly Upholstered with black vinyl seats


$425 per chair



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Item code: DR172

Danish dining chairs designed in 1955 by Ejnar Larsen and Aksel Bender.

Vintage fabric on oak frames.

Set of 6 available


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Item code: DR124


Danish Dining Chairs made by Farstrup

frames of stained beech and teak backs - black vinyl seats


$375 per chair   O( only 2 available )


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Item code: DR114


Danish School Chairs

Currently 7 available of this this model.

Teak on metal, very sturdy model.


$75 per chair

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Item code: DR108


Verner Panton System 1-2-3 dining chair.

Stunning red leather in beautiful immaculate condition.


$1750 per chair. (2 available)


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Item code: LC136

Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs with arms model AJ 3207.

Seat height: 44cm

Back height: 75cm

$ 850 each

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Item code: DR93